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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Robin of Berkeley - The Left's Dirty Little Secret

Originally posted at American Thinker
Years ago there was an incendiary article in our local free newspaper. It was called, Berkeley's Dirty Little Secret.

The article exposed an unseemly aspect of the 60's, one that isn't touted in the flattering history books. The dirty little secret was the widespread sexual abuse of children.

While parents were ingesting copious amounts of drugs, while they were off picketing and protesting, there was no one to look after the children. With communal living, the newest roommate took advantage of all that freedom by preying on the little ones. And with the nuclear family an oppressive relic of the past, sketchy lovers and others had easy access to the kids.

With the 60's over, have the progressives given up their corruption of the innocent? No; they are just sneakier about it. They camouflage abuse with lofty concepts, such as "diversity " and "social justice."

The left is a shapeshifter movement; like a chameleon, the radicals change their appearance to adapt to the times. The left has morphed into many different life forms since its roots in Marx.

In the 60‘s, the progressives were in-your-face revolutionaries. They were the Black Panthers carrying machine guns and donning military fatigues; they were the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Weather Underground and their bloody trail of destruction.

When the radicals grew up, many of them infiltrated the universities, schools, media, and government. Even the churches and the synagogues have not been immune. In fact, the leftists have wormed their way into every aspect of society.

Now the Bill Ayers and the Van Joneses of the world masquerade as men of impeccable character. Ayers, domestic terrorist and mad bomber, has metamorphosed into Dr. Ayers, tenured Professor in Education.

Ayers was smart enough to know what every totalitarian regime understands: to control the populace, focus on the children. This is why the SS mandated that children over l0 must join the Hitler Youth.

Rather than directly recruit children as foot soldiers, the left does something more insidious: the left poisons children's minds through, for instance, the garbage in the media. But while kids can turn off the boob tube, there's nothing that they or their parents can do when the public schools turn into instruments of corruption. Exhibit A: "sex education."

In today's public schools, kids are inundated with sexual material. We're not talking sex education here, but sex saturation.

The debasement of children's minds through sex education was concocted about a hundred years ago by Germany's Frankfurt School. The socialists launched a cultural revolution to corrupt the West so badly that it would "stink," in their words. Some of their methods would be destroying the family, stripping parents of power, and forcing sex education into the schools.

Sex education has mutated from, in my day, animated films of sperms swimming toward eggs to an outright violation of children's innocence. Nine-year-olds learn to put condoms on bananas; middle school children squirm at talks about sex change operations. By high school, free condoms are in plentiful supply.

The federal government and progressive states, such as California, are big cheerleaders for children becoming sexual junkies. The One-World loving UN has chimed in with proclamations declaring children's "right" to masturbation. And the deluded dupes running today's public schools follow in lockstep.

The sexual immersion in today's public schools doesn't just stimulate kids to experiment with the opposite sex; it cajoles them to consider a gay or bi or polyamorous lifestyle.

Being gay appears more and more appealing as schools hold assemblies where gay teachers and teens offer guidance and support. And all of those special services and attention cast a magnetic spell on some children hungry for a sense of identity and belonging. (For an excellent pamphlet on the subject, press this link.)

There's actually a word for what schools are doing; it's a form of recruitment called "queering." This term became widely known after Obama appointed Kevin Jennings as his School Czar. Jennings became notorious in Massachusetts for his "queering" of teens through instructing them on hard-core practices such as fisting and water sports.

But the news gets worse. The latest craze (and I do mean craze) is teaching "gender diversity" to children as young as five. Gender diversity means that since gender is socially constructed, children are free to change their gender whenever the spirit moves them.

Close to home, an Oakland public elementary school recently held a two-day training on gender diversity. Kindergarten through first grade kids explored the question, "Boy, girl or both?" while perusing the picture book, "My Princess Boy."

Second and third graders were informed that gender diversity was natural; that it appears throughout nature and in the animal kingdom. The fourth and fifth graders were treated to the song, "All I want to be is me," while being told that they "can be a boy, a girl, both or neither." And lest you think this type of brainwashing only happens in Berkeley and Oakland, there are national organizations working hard to bring this to a classroom near you.

The progressives, of course, don't publicize such training as queering or gender bending. In classic doublespeak, they cloak the programs in noble terms, such as "safety training," and "anti-bullying." (Thus, Kevin Jennings' position in the Obama Administration has been carefully crafted as "The Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools.")

But while the training is supposedly about safety, the issues quickly become focused on sexual minorities. There's no help for the Christian child bullied for his beliefs, or the abstinent teen teased mercilessly for waiting until marriage.

Somehow the safety issues always return to the gay, bi, or trans youth. Perhaps this is a way to control and intimidate the sexual majority; certainly, it forces more sex talk into the curriculum.

Regardless of how the left spins it, children being forced to listen to one uncomfortable, repellant sex talk after another, is not safety. It's also not education. It's actually a state-sanctioned form of child abuse.

This is another of the left's dirty little secrets: the ease in which they will use and abuse children for their radical agenda. Back in the 60‘s, the secret was the molestation of kids in places like Berkeley. Today, it's the widespread exploitation of children in the public schools.

Sexual misconduct isn't just creepy Uncle Henry touching and exhibiting. Abuse exists on a continuum from exposing a child to inappropriate sexual materials and asking sexually intrusive questions, all the way to incest and rape.

Notice the disturbing parallels between the creepy uncle and today's schools. Uncle Henry may force a child to look at pornography; how is this any different in a child's mind than the child being required to sit through sexual talks and films, beginning in elementary schools?

The demented relative will tutor the child that sex is pleasurable; that he's doing this for her own good. Note the similarity to teachers advising kids that it's okay, even desirable, to have sex with whomever; that kids, in fact, have a "right" to it.

Abuse often happens in secret, with the predator twisting and contorting his true intent. Notice the parallel to teachers introducing shocking and confusing sexual information to children, unbeknownst to parents.

Of course, the left has worked overtime to make sure parents are left out of the picture. Liberal courts have determined that parents don't need to be notified or consenting for sex talk. In schools today, parents have little or no say in what their children are exposed to.

Teachers force-feeding kids a steady diet of sexual information confuses and corrupts them. At least when it comes to the creepy uncle, most kids know, on some level, that what the relative is doing is wrong.

But teachers are in positions of authority; they are guardians of the public trust. Schools violate this trust and abuse their power by using it to brainwash kids. And this is how brainwashing works: forcing a person to remain in a disturbing situation where propaganda is repeated over and over again, until finally the victim becomes desensitized and compliant.

By focusing on the youth, the left creates the perfect victim. Sexually abused children may lose their ability to say no -- or even to recognize when it's appropriate to say no. Exposing them to sex at an early age plants permanent images in their brains, ones that stimulate them to become hooked on thrills, sexual and otherwise.

The sexualization of school children isn't simply a difference of opinion between the right and the left. It's a difference between right and wrong.

Teaching school children to become hooked on pleasure; coaxing them to try sexual practices that may sicken, even kill them; giving them license to change their genders. . . Is there a person in their right mind who can't see that this isn't just inappropriate; it is downright evil?

Those in charge of the sexualization of children are our postmodern Frankensteins; they have engineered mad plans to steal the bodies and souls of our children.

Why? For so many reasons: cultural Marxism; social control; desensitization. . . maybe even because the same was done to them when they were too young to object; maybe, shorn of strong arms to guard and guide them, they were victims of abuse and neglect in those communes and broken families so long ago.

And this is the final legacy of the abused child: that he can use his pain to help others. He can become a beacon of light to people in darkness.

Or he can do the opposite: he can become darkness itself; he can grow up to be a monster. And in today's progressive classroom, under the pretense of justice and fairness, he can do monstrous things to others.

Robin of Berkeley

Robin is a recovering liberal, and a licensed psychotherapist who lives in Berkeley, California. The above information is intended for entertainment and educational purposes, rather than to offer any kind of definitive diagnoses.
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