"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done."
Ronald Reagan

Saturday, January 7, 2012



That quote from Albert Einstein should make every thinking American voter take a step back and re-think his or her choice for their primary Republican candidate for the 2012 general election.

Rick Perry, the current governor of Texas, and the late entry into the Republican primary race is, on many issues, the antithesis of each of the other Republican candidates.

Since becoming governor of Texas when Governor George W. Bush became president in 2001, Gov. Perry has won every Texas gubernatorial election since, and currently being the longest running governor of any state in the Union.

During Perry’s tenure, he has balanced SIX budgets while lowering taxes and cutting spending.

Under Gov. Perry’s leadership, Texas is has the best jobs growth record according to the Bloomberg Report, October 2011.

Since Texas has a 1,254 mile border along the Rio Grande River with Mexico, Texas has a illegal immigration issues unique only to the other southern border states such as New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Consequently, Gov. Perry has a much better knowledge and understanding than any of the Republican candidates, and the current democratic incumbent candidate, as to how best to protect our southern borders with varying and extremely different topographies.

And while no one can accuse Gov. Perry of being a slick or glib debater, no one can accuse him of any flip-flops on any issue.

While Gov. Perry has been ridiculed and almost vilified over the past few months for his debate gaffs, he entered the Republican primary race admitting, up front, that “debate” was not a strong suit, and in fact he was quite bad at it. However, after the 2007-08 presidential campaign, we all should have learned that the quintessential debater, with slick, almost canned answers does NOT a good or effective president make.

Had the American voters, the MSM, and the pundits actually listened to the substance of what Barack Obama was saying they’d have realized that his words were, at the very least, a paraphrase out of the Karl Marx Handbook. Instead they focused on Barack Obama’s smooth rhetoric and missed the substance, and we’re paying for it today.

Likewise, the MSM and pundits are focusing on Gov. Perry’s early gaffs rather than focus on SUBSTANCE of WHAT he’s saying, and his plans to take our country back to what our own Founding Fathers envisioned and codified in our Constitution.

IF there is one candidate who is not, nor has ever been, PART OF THE THINKING THAT’S CREATED THE PROBLEM in DC, it is Gov. Rick Perry.

The other Republican primary candidates:
Ron Paul:
At first glance Ron Paul may come to mind as Paul and his followers are hell bent on making voters think that he is the “only one” who can change what’s wrong in Washington. However, a quick second glance any thinking voter quickly realizes that with Paul’s domestic fiscal plan, comes two other issues … a plan to open the door to legalize moral decay (which Barack Obama is already doing) and the most dangerous foreign policy ever even suggested by any presidential contender in recent memory, with of course, the exception of Barack Obama.

Paul first ran for Congress in 1979 and “served” until 1984. He ran for president representing the Conservative wing of the Libertarian Party. Paul again ran for Congress in 1997 and has held the seat representing Texas’ 14th District since then.

Paul’s voting record while in Congress varies and seems to be inconsistent, but it’s clear that Paul’s “service” in Congress was actually a “career” in Congress. And while Paul talks about changing DC, Paul has very much been PART OF THE THINKING that CREATED the mess we’re in currently.

Rick Santorum:
Rick Santorum, who recently surged in the Iowa caucus, is certainly a viable contender for the Republican nomination. There is a lot to be said for Santorum, such as his good character and absolute solid Christian values. And since we’ve seen what the absence of character and values of any kind in the White House has garnered us as a nation that is an excellent starting point.

However, during Santorum’s tenure in the Senate from 1995 – 2007, he voted to raise the debt ceiling no fewer than eight times, and for millions of dollars in earmarks, including, but not limited to the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.” One must wonder if in some ways Santorum is also not PART OF THE THINKING that CREATED the mess we’re in currently.

In addition, we have to remember that one of Cain’s big, and very valid attractions was the he had an excellent management background experience and record rarely seen. Santorum has no executive management background and experience which is something that we need in DC now more than ever before.

We also need to remember that during the 2007-08 campaign, the Republicans rightly said, “Barack Obama has never as much as managed a lemonade stand” and unfortunately we’ve seen what happens when someone with no executive management experience is elected to the White House.

We cannot afford to make that mistake again.

Newt Gingrich:
Newt Gingrich, is an excellent historian and orator, and arguably the brightest candidate on the stage. However, having been in Congress from 1979 – 1999, including House Minority Whip from 1989 – (Jan) 1995, and Speaker of the House from 1995 – (Jan) 1999, Gingrich is another Washington insider and certainly PART OF THE THINKING that CREATED the mess we’re in currently.

There are also those who would label Gingrich a “flip-flopper” in his stand on many issues, not the least of which are AGW, Cap & Trade, and health insurance mandate.

Newt also brings with him some personal “baggage” that continues to be of concern, if not bothersome, to many Conservatives. It also brings up a few points that need serious consideration. 1) Is Gingrich’s infidelities something that the democrats will use against Gingrich and the Republicans during the 2012 election? 2) As was noted recently, “If you cheat on your wife, you’ll cheat on your business partner.” 3) We’ve been through this before during the Clinton years, and we have to ask ourselves is this something we want to take a chance going through again? We are in such a dire situation at this point, the very last thing we can be concerned about is whether our Commander In Chief will be deterred with such personal problems.
And again, as with Paul and Santorum, Gingrich has had no executive management experience.
Mitt Romney:
Mitt Romney, while not the orator that Gingrich is, if one has paid attention to what Mitt says and how he responds during the debates and interviews, one would quickly notice that he is an excellent “obfuscator” and “diverter” which can often be mistaken as being a good orator.

There is no question that Romney has executive management experience in both the public and private sectors, but neither has been what one could call SUCCESSFUL. At the end of Romney’s first and only term as governor of Mass., he had a 30% approval rating.

While Romney will, and has claimed to be tough on illegal immigration and illegal aliens, the fact is, he was not. For example, Romney insists that he directed his state law enforcement to arrest illegals and turn them over to ICE, the fact is, he only did that during the LAST MONTH of his term as governor. Until then, all illegals in Mass, as well as at least two sanctuary cities, had a free pass.

It has been suggested and argued that Romney’s decision to direct his state law enforcement to get tough on illegals when during the LAST MONTH of his term as governor was because he planned on running for president, and wanted to be able to SAY that he was tough on illegals.

Then there is “RomneyCare” which is nothing more than socialized health care on a state level, implemented and directed under his watch. And since Romney has “flip-flopped” on whether or not he believes “ObamaCare,” a larger and more extensive form of “RomneyCare,” should remain, we don’t really know.

During Romney’s tenure as governor of Mass, his state ranked 47th in jobs creation. Not exactly a stellar performance as the executive manager of Mass.

And then there is the issue of Romney’s stand on gay rights and same sex marriage while governor of Mass. While Romney continues to obscure the issue he worked closely with the pro-gay activists rights advisors, and not the least of which he personally issued special Governor's one-day marriage licenses to 189 same-sex couples, including to a homosexual activist state senator and others of his personal friends in the homosexual community.


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