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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frederick Su - On gun rights and the Second Amendment

First published by Northwest Asian Weekly, Seattle, March 23, 2013
Following the Sandy Hook shootings, gun control is back on the books, with Obama and like-minded people pushing for an “assault weapons” ban. They decry such weapons as high-capacity, high-powered arms designed to specifically kill people, implying the 2nd Amendment is for hunting.

Yes, weapons kill. That is their purpose. For good, they kill other animals for meat and kill criminals, enemies, terrorists, or tyrants and their soldiers. America was born and remains free through force of arms. Realize, too, pacifists live by the grace of warriors.

Think “assault weapons” (semiautomatic rifles) don’t have a defensive purpose for civilians? Think again. In April 1992, Korean business owners armed themselves with AR-15s and AK-47s in South Central Los Angeles when riots occurred following the acquittal of four white policemen in the Rodney King beating. Businesses were being burned to the ground and police were nowhere to be found. As Richard Rhee said, “Burn this down after 33 years? This is my market and I’m going to protect it.”

The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting. It was framed because the colonists had fought a war against tyranny. Tyrants confiscate weapons. General Gage, Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in North America, had confiscated weapons from citizens in Boston and then later tried to confiscate arms and ammunition in Concord and Lexington in April 1775. That ignited the Revolutionary War. If hunting is implied at all, then the implication is to hunt tyrants and their minions.

Another specious claim by liberals is that the Founders would never have allowed semiautomatic rifles to be owned by private citizens. Well, consider this. King George’s redcoats are coming down the road intent on pillaging and killing colonists in an attempt at subjugation. Wow! Should the colonist go get his bow and arrow or should he get the most up-to-date weapon he can so as to repulse this attack and, hopefully, survive?

The founding generation spent blood and lives fighting tyranny. They wanted to ensure that the progeny of their genes would remain a free people and that their ideas would become a beacon of freedom to the world.

Hence, the Constitution was born, the greatest document ever conceived by man. The Founders were touched by God. The 2nd Amendment provides teeth for all the other rights in the Bill of Rights.

A recent New York law, pushed by Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), requires registration of assault weapons.

Cuomo favors gun confiscation. If that occurs, many liberals, like Cuomo, mistakenly expect American gun owners to relinquish their guns, as the citizens of the U.K. and Australia did. The liberals will be abetted by the news media, who will show Joe Gunowner turning in his weapons, making America a safer place.

Not so. Many American gun owners hold the 2nd Amendment near and dear to their hearts, a principle they will fight and die for. If gun confiscation becomes law, three things can happen. One, nothing changes because the law cannot be enforced. Two, if enforcement begins, civil strife will ensue, perhaps with martial law. (Think Prohibition—and alcohol wasn’t even guaranteed by the Bill of Rights — with its black market and widespread lawlessness.) America will now have become a more dangerous place, not only for gun owners, but also for the general population at large, as well as for law enforcement personnel, the National Guard, and the military—the latter three who will be tasked with enforcement. Though all of the latter three have sworn an oath to the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, there will always be myrmidons. Third, in the worst case scenario, civil war will erupt. Last time, 600,000 Americans died.

As Larry Correia wrote in his WordPress gun-rights blog, “How many of your fellow Americans are you willing to have killed in order to bring about your utopian vision of the future?”

We can work to reduce gun violence by imprisoning criminals, executing convicted murderers, institutionalizing violently unstable people, and arming teachers. We don’t need to make more gun laws, thus making the uber-majority of gun owners criminals.

Gun control advocates had best tread carefully. Many New York gun owners have blogged that they will not register their assault weapons under Cuomo’s new law. So, the ball is in Cuomo’s court.

America, overall, is a safe, peaceful place. The idealistic vision of registering, banning, and confiscating weapons to make America safer may, instead, slide us down a slippery slope toward civil strife and, perhaps, civil war.

Please. Let’s step back from the abyss.

Frederick Su

Frederick Su is an ex-Marine of the Vietnam era, holds a Ph.D. in physics, and is the author of An American Sin, a novel about an Asian American and Vietnam. He is also an NRA member, characterizing the NRA as “The greatest civil rights organization in the world.”

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