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Ronald Reagan

Friday, March 1, 2013

Michelle Malkin - Mock Dance Video of Michelle Obama

Michelle Malkin is getting a lot of backlash after making a parody video of Michelle Obama dancing with Jimmy Fallon this week on his late night show. Malkin appears in the video like you’ve never seen her before, dressed similar to Michelle Obama complete with the new hair cut. According to Fox News on Thursday Feb. 28, Michelle Obama is raising concerns as she is becoming more like a celebrity than a first lady with all her recent TV appearances.

The First Lady was with Big Bird in a PSA, on Jimmy Fallon, she appeared at the Oscars and she is on a Dr. Oz show that’s yet to air; this was all in one week. Many are asking if there is another celebrity rising from inside the Obama family, as the President does pretty well for himself in that department already.

Michelle Malkin had a name for every dance move that she mocked of Michele Obama’s. Names like the “The Grab Your Wallet,” “The Raise the Debt Ceiling” and “The Golfing Man,” were just a few of the moves she made while imitating Michelle Obama. Malkin finished it off with “The Sequester Shake.”

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