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Ronald Reagan

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How the Russians Stopped Somalia Pirating of Russian Ships

Сначала россияне захватили и, как-бы отпустив, взорвали пиратское судно.
Translation: First, the Russians invaded and, as it were dismissed, blew up a pirate ship.

Не могли же они это сделать без разрешения.
А вы говорите, что подозрения в том, что самолет Качинского упал не случайно, безосновательны.
Как говорят криминалисты, - смотрите на почерк.
Translation: Could not they do it without permission.
And you say that the suspicions that the plane crashed Kaczynski's no coincidence, are unfounded.
As they say criminologists - look at the handwriting.

The Russians first handcuffed all of the Pirates to the Boat and then  blew it up and sank the vessel. For some reason Somalia Pirates have quit attacking Russian Ships. Apparently the Russians do not Mirandize pirates, provide them with free legal counsel, have a long drawn out Trial and then set them free. I am NOT advocating that the United States do the same.

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