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Ronald Reagan

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Retired Geek - Obama's Spending "Plan"

Barack Obama has NEVER issued a 'Budget' since becoming President - Barack Obama has only presented 'Spending Plans'. A Budget consists of an itemized summary of estimated or intended expenditures for a given period along with proposals for financing them. Barack Obama only presents expenditures - NOT how to pay for those expenditures. We will examine some methods Barack Obama would have to use to 'Pay' for his 'Spending Plan' for 2011 of 3.762 Trillion Dollars.

Confiscate and Sell ALL Automobiles:

 There are approximately 250 million automobiles in the United States. If 'EVERY" Automobile in America were confiscated and sold for 10,000 dollars each on average, that would fund the Barack Obama 2011 spending "Plan" for 248 Days or 68% of his 2011 spending "Plan".

Confiscate and Sell ALL Homes in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia:
NOTE: All statistics on Homes and Median Value derived from United States Census Bureau. http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/index.html
NH = Number of homes.
MV = Median value in dollars.

NH = 2,341,194
MV = 146,000

New Jersey
NH = 3,526,453
MV = 170,800

NH = 5,518,558
MV = 97,000

NH = 3,330,465
MV = 125,400

Total Value
1,897,072,933,400 or approximately 50% of the Barack Obama 'Spending Plan' of 3.762 Trillion Dollars for 2011.

Confiscate and Sell ALL Homes in California:
NH = Number of homes.
MV = Median value in dollars.

NH = 13,433,718 CA
MV = 211,500
2,841,231,357,000 Total Value

This would pay for Approximately 75% of Barack Obama's Spending Plan for 2011 or 274 Days - THIS IS JUST FOR 2011 !

Barack Obama Wants the Debt Ceiling Raised, so He Can Spend Even More Money - Confiscate and Sell ALL Homes in the United States:
NH = Number of homes.
MV = Median value in dollars.

NH = 129,969,653 USA
MV = 119,600
15,544,370,498,800 Trillion Dollars Total Value

How high is the debt limit right now? The ceiling is currently set at 14.294 trillion. As of April 20, 2011 the debt subject to that limit totaled 14.262 trillion - or 31 billion shy of the cap.

If 'ALL Homes' in the United States were confiscated and sold - would that cover the NEW Barack Obama Debt Ceiling?

Retired Geek

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