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Thursday, October 20, 2011

ChefM from WA - Understanding Herman Cain, Electric Fence and 999

Herman Cain has been climbing through the ranks lately with his bold approach and bold statements that seem to be resonating with the public. Some things were said in haste, such as his electric fence comment, but as he had stated, “it was a joke David”, in his Meet the Press interview with MTP host David Gregory. He had also stated at a different time, that the border needs to be secured. The left had a field day criticizing Cain for his statement, even to the extent of saying his “joke” would not resonate with the Latino community. They are saying that his statement was racist in some way.

This brings up a few very interesting question……….What exactly is racist about securing our borders in any way we see fit to ensure the safety and security of our citizens? What exactly is racist about an electric fence that would only deter “illegals” from crossing our borders? Why exactly would the Latino community be opposed to an electric fence? Yes, it wasn’t stated to be serious, other than to emphasize the seriousness of our border, and in particular, illegal immigration problems.

Those who follow the laws should not have issues with any means we take to secure the borders, unless they see it as a stranglehold on bringing friends and relatives over the borders illegally. At least Cain, even the simple fact that it was a joke, had the decency to mention that a sign would be posted warning of possible death if someone attempted to touch it. Maybe they are upset because he didn’t make it clear if the sign would be written in English or Spanish.

There are no rational reasons to be concerned about any means of securing the border, unless you are against that security in the first place. Liberals constantly cry about Conservatives and their goals and means of securing the borders. Why? .........Racism? ............... Hardly! They will claim humanitarian reasons, and many other nonsense reasons they are against secure borders, but it is becoming more and more obvious, the only reason that makes any sense as to why anyone would be in support of a this kind of drain on society, would be to secure a voting block for the Democratic party.

Personally, I am in favor of any means necessary to secure our borders, even if it means by way of an electric fence. As harsh as some may think it sounds, and the potential for dangerous illegal’s crossing easily over open borders, I would lose no sleep at night if I were to awaken to a news report, mentioning several potentially dangerous people were killed last night in an attempt to cross the US borders illegally, if that meant it saved just one American life.

Now I wonder if I am the only one who understands the analysis that Herman Cain uses when he talks of Apples and Oranges in his rebuttals to criticism over his 999 tax plan. During the recent debate aired on CNN with moderator Anderson Cooper, many Republican Presidential hopefuls went after Cain and his 999 plan, as expected, but I found myself sitting in my chair in frustration when others couldn’t grasp the concept of the Apples and Oranges analysis.

Federal Taxes are Apples. State Taxes are Oranges. The 999 plan deals with apples, not oranges. Confused yet? You shouldn’t be! You’re on tax tactics! Sorry, the scare tactics TV show reference couldn’t be resisted. Anyway, it’s really not that confusing. What the 999 plan does is replace the Federal tax code. It has zero to do with State taxes.

Now I think this is where the confusion comes in. Mitt Romney had the hardest time understanding this simple concept during the debate. What people seem to have the hardest time grasping is the percentage of Federal taxes at 9%, and keeps adding the State taxes to his plan which makes it look like it’s a larger sales tax without considering other factors.

Sure on paper, you would see a 9% sales tax, plus the percentage of taxes other States put on goods and services for State revenues. Those States with zero sales tax would see a tax hike, just in the fact that they are now being taxed on things they purchase.

Why are people not mentioning the hidden taxes we don’t see? The citizens in the no sales tax States such as Oregon and New Hampshire do pay sales tax. They just don’t see them. Once the 999 plan would be implemented, all those hidden taxes would disappear, and the prices of things people purchase would go down considerably. That added 9% Federal tax, would seem like a hike to many, but take out the hidden tax, add the 9% Federal tax, and the price is actually cheaper. Add in the fact that this tax is for new items only, meaning no double tax. So if someone buys a new car, and then sells that car, the person who purchases that now used car, would not pay any taxes. The tax on that vehicle has already been paid once, and therefore is not subject to more taxes. This goes for all purchases. What this plan also does is equal the playing field. Those who pay the majority of our taxes will pay 9%. There are no tax shelters for large corporations like GE who pay no taxes and actually get subsidized, so they get tax dollars while paying no tax dollars. This would stop.

This would also get those individuals who pay no taxes, such as the bottom 50% or so, to now pay taxes as they should to contribute to the things they and the rest of society uses, such as roads, bridges, schools, police, fire, military and other essential services.

These are all based on replacing the Federal tax code, the Apples, and have nothing to do with State taxes, the oranges. States will still have their own tax codes and won’t change. This whole 999 plan replaces the Federal, not State taxes.

Maybe it’s not a perfect plan, and maybe it needs to be tweaked a bit here and there, but if people understand it, it begins to make more sense, and is at least in the right direction compared to others who simply just want to reform the current corrupt tax codes. That would be like saying, lets reform Congress, but leave the same people there. Won’t work!!!

If Cain has a problem with his 999 plan, it’s getting people to understand it. I understood it, but I am also a non-politician citizen like he is, and seem to understand a simple solution to replace the old system that is broke, and like a car that has been totaled, you would have it replaced, not fixed.

ChefM from WA

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