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Monday, October 17, 2011

ChefM - Tea Party Movement vs. Occupy Wall Street

I am sure there are many people who would like nothing else but to cement, mold, melt, braid, intertwine or shackle these two movements together. I could say with ease that this would be impossible as one (TPM=Tea Party Movement) is a Grassroots movement, and the other (OWS=Occupy Wall Street) is an AstroTurf movement. (I was going to use the term, bowel movement, but that wouldn’t be very nice now would it…). As much as that comparison of polar opposites is pretty spot on, it's just too easy. Like "Hitler and Netanyahu" Oh Hank would be so proud! LOL!!!

If that were to happen, the MSM (Main Stream Media) would now have all the evidence in the world in which they could use against the TPM for all the accusations already made against them.

Because of the monumental success of the TPM, there are already some involved with the OWS who would like nothing more, and have already spoken out, that they are in fact just like the TPM. There is one huge difference that would never allow this to happen. As much as the OWS would like to associate themselves with the TPM, the TPM actually has a purpose, and a brain to realize they are not there to be used as pawns in the political games of Washington.

Many say the TPM is not grassroots because they are organized and well funded. They only have that statement half right. They are in fact grassroots. It started from the ground up, with no leadership, and organized massively around the country.

The reason it looked well organized from its inception, is these are regular, hard working families with values, principals and morals that mirror each other which, and with no effort, get them to cooperated to make sure when they left an area, it was clean and organized. At least back to the same as when they arrived, but usually it was left in better shape.

As time went on, more and more joined, from the poor, middle, upper middle and rich classes, who all got along in harmony because it wasn't about money, but about sharing the same vision for America. Bring the system back to its founding roots as the founders intended, using the means to do so given by the founders when we were handed a Republic.

As more time went on, donations began to come in huge waves from people who were able to just give time, to those who gave a few dollars, to those who gave massive amounts of dollars to something they believed in.

Liberals will always complain about this. On one hand, they will complain and call it the Koch brothers pocket puppets, while on the other hand, opening that hand to take the blood money from the likes of Soros. The biggest difference there, is no real TPM member, would ever compromise their principals, and wouldn't take a dime if it meant submission. The Liberals on the other hand, take all the time to become pawns, puppets, sheep, or whatever those who lead would want of them.

As much as the OWS would like to be aligned with the TPM, the TPM are individuals, not collectives who are easily led by the nose from the likes of Moore, Jackson, Soros, Sharpton and others. It would be impossible to do. It would take forever and be impossible to go to each individual to attempt to unite with a vile group of haters of the American way and are there because they feel entitled to other people’s money and just want more.

The TPM is not about money, medical, retirement, food, housing, and any other hand outs one could imagine, it's about principals. Those entitlements are important, to some extent. The TPM understands that many people, individual or families, fall on hard times. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Unless of course that baby spoon you used as a baby was made of silver or gold. But the TPM also understands that many of these people who fall on hard times, only fall because they know how easy it is to get help.

The TPM understands that entitlements are there for those who fall on hard times through no fault of their own. The left has made it a way of life for some, and now that the well is running dry, they are blaming anyone besides those who are at fault. Those who created the entitlement class are to blame.

The TPM blames those representatives we elected to "represent" us, no matter what side of the isle one sits. They understand that Wall Street gives more donations to the Democrats than to Republicans, and that the Democrats bail out Wall Street more than the Republicans, and that it would be easy for the TPM to focus their own "peaceful" anger at them, the Democrats, exclusively and would even have a legitimate argument.

If George W. Bush or pretty much any Republican President were in office at this moment, you can be sure Washington DC would be the main target and not Wall Street. The TPM will hold any politicians feet to the fire, and (R) or (D) are not a factor. Some argue that fact, Liberals of course, but facts are just that, facts. Not made up opinions to suit the agenda of the day and call it facts in hopes it will become facts.

What really separates the TPM from the OWS is basic common sense and rational thinking. The Republican Party does in fact align more with the TPM. This seems to surprise some Liberals. But now that OWS has started, it suddenly becomes good to compare the two, and even some protesters and politicians try to justify OWS as being almost the same as the TPM........ Hardly.

I imagine there are some there with legitimate reasons that could very well align with the TPM, but in those few cases, if they weren't so easily led, they could make it easier on themselves and just join the TPM.

ChefM from WA

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