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Ronald Reagan

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Michelle Malkin - Fox and Friends Thursday

Vice President Joe Biden, whose gun violence task force is scheduled to meet with representatives of the NRA and Walmart today, raised some eyebrows Wednesday by expressing the possibility that President Obama could implement some gun control measures using an executive order.

Fox and Friends talked to Michelle Malkin this morning about Biden’s remarks and the gun control issue overall. They also touched on the subject of the czars appointed by President Obama when he first took office and where some of them are now.

Malkin made the point that the Obama administration has not hesitated to use executive orders to implement policies over the last four years – specifically on the environment and immigration – so “why the heck” wouldn’t he try to do it with gun control?

“I don’t see why anyone would dismiss the kind of extreme measures that people have contemplated in the past (on gun control). What’s most dangerous is the way that they couch their rhetoric in what seems to be moderation. Right? Now they’re talking about ‘gun safety’ instead of ‘gun control’ and when they harp about ‘assault weapons’ or ‘ammunition,’ what they’re really talking about – and we’ve had this kind of candor before from the gun grabbers – is talking about the kind of handguns that ordinary Americans use to protect themselves,” said Malkin.

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