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Ronald Reagan

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tour of Closed Abortion Clinic

One of the problems facing all Abortuaries (Abortion Clinics) is the disposal of the babies remains after it is aborted. There has been 55,825,562 aborted babies in the United States since 1973 (as of 1-6-13).

Most of these abortions occur in privately owned Abortion Clinics, (6,342,703 have occurred in Planned Parenthood Clinics). NOTE: 94% of Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics are located in Black Urban Areas.

To keep costs down many abortion clinics DO NOT pay to dispose of the babies through a licensed, regulated medical waste company.

Many of the Abortion Clinics use high volume, industrial grade 'Garbage Disposals' as pictured above.

God Help Us All!

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