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Ronald Reagan

Monday, February 18, 2013

Judge Jeanine Pirro - Serves Up 'Justice Sandwich' to Carnival Cruise

The first lawsuit has been filed against Carnival after the cruise ship ‘Triumph’ left 3,200 passengers stranded in dire conditions. Coast Guard investigators say the engine room fire that caused a loss of power was small. Nevertheless, the fire knocked out power leaving people on board with no bathrooms and barely any food.

Lawyers for a passenger in Texas say Carnival failed to provide safe and sanitary conditions. The passenger also claims she suffered physical and emotional harm during the ordeal.

The cruise line offered a full reimbursement, $500 dollars and a free trip to attend another cruise.

However, some passengers say they’ll “never again” board a cruise ship. One woman broke down, saying, “I know that the CEO or whoever made the decisions apologized. But he needs to go into room 7331, shut that door in the darkness and try to live in there for three minutes and breathe.”

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