"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done."
Ronald Reagan

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Michelle Malkin - This is the Court Jester of Sequester

Tuesday morning (2-19-13), President Obama pitched a plea to Congress to avoid sequestration on March 1st. The president said the series of automatic spending cuts “won’t grow the economy, won’t create jobs, and will put hardship on a whole lot of people.”

Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin reacted to President Obama calling on Congress to come together against this “meat-cleaver” approach. She said on Your World, “This is the court jester of sequester. I think that this press conference was a national embarrassment.”

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