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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Linda Anne Kulp was One Strong Lady

You never know how Strong you are, until being Strong is the only choice you have. Linda "Anne" suffered for Months and did not crack from the physical torment. The last time my Wife and I talked to Anne (72 hours before she died) we were saying our good-byes and Anne said: "I want to thank both of you for praying for me." My Wife responded: "Anne we love you." Anne replied: "I love both of you...good...bye."

The following is a sampling of commentators at Town Hall when they received the news of Anne's passing:
  • T.C.7 Wrote: Very sorry to hear about Anne, one of our best conservative writers, who was with TOWNHALL from the beginning. My condolences and prayers to her family.
  • Dobermite Wrote: Anne and I became very friendly in these forums and I absolutely adored her, and I know the feeling was mutual, in fact she was very kind too me just last year when my mother passed away. My father recently passed as well, but I had not seen Anne since his death. I had not seen her recently and actually asked about her not too long ago, I was concerned that something might be wrong, but I didn't receive any responses and didn't know she was ill. Anyway I'm so sorry to hear of her passing, but I know she was a devout Christian and I'm sure she's with Jesus now. My deepest condolences to Anne's loved ones and friends :-(
  • Marine's Dad Wrote: My family and I were also good friends with her from almost the beginning of our time here on Townhall. She helped me and others defend my son(Captain Kid) when an idiot who was almost as obnoxious as Dotsie was constantly attacking him because he was jealous of my son's rapid advancement in the Marine Corps. Anne and my son got very close thru chats on AIM and in a private chat room that we were all members of for a while. We too have noticed her absence from here lately and will miss her very much.
  • jimmylynn Wrote: I am sad to hear this. I did enjoy Anne's wise words. She will be sorely missed. Our prayers will be with her family and friends.
  • RockinRickOwen Wrote: Rest in Peace, Anne.
  • Nam65-66 Wrote: Yes,RIP Anne
  • Larry in Texas Wrote: Sorry WJF. RIP Anne from PA. She'll be missed.
  • John in OK Wrote: God go with you in this time of sorrow and joy.
  • SandyM Wrote: I'm so sorry. Yes, she will be missed.
  • CVN65 Wrote: We'll all miss her. Maybe not Allison, but the rest of us will. Godspeed, Anne.
  • mistermilo Wrote: I offer condolences. May God lighten your sadness at your loss. May the memory of Ann stay with you and comfort you.
  • Rich D. Wrote: I'm sorry to hear that. She will be missed here and welcomed there. Peace.
  • Moonbat Exterminator Wrote: She was one of our best. RIP
  • Earl29 Wrote: I got a lift every time I read one of her posts.
  • NewJAl Wrote: A loss, as she was clear-headed and able to explain her thinking, and no Liberal dolt could contest with her.
    Condolences to all who lived with her in their hearts.
  • Henry VIII Wrote: I am so sorry to hear that Anne passed away. May God bless her.
  • Tom in Delaware Wrote: Always enjoyed Anne's sharp and witty responses to the Leftist....my best to her and her family.
  • AmyDB Wrote: It saddens my heart to hear that yet I also rejoice that Anne PA is now free of pain & sorrow.
    May she rest in her reward of paradise.
  • Moose Hunter Wrote: Sorry to hear that, WJF. My condolences and may God bless Anne.
  • Kenneth L. Wrote: Sad news, Geek. Thanks for letting us know. She certainly was prominent here while she was active, and, as others have said, had a real way with words :).
  • Seawolf Wrote: I am so sorry to hear that..Anne was a very compassionate woman, asked me numerous times how I was doing after my surgery, I did not know it was SHE who was ill..RIP my cyber compatriot. Richard
  • Chip. Wrote: Sorry to hear this news, WJF. I saw her name many a time on these TH postings, along with many a
    well grounded comment and opinion.
  • anderson659 Wrote: My condolences, Anne stood her ground, I am glad to hear she is no longer suffering. RIP Anne, the country lost a warrior for good.
  • SMyles Wrote: My condolences

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