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Ronald Reagan

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Five - Greg Gutfeld - Dissect and Expose Muslim Extremism

On Monday’s episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld sounded off on those who have made it their primary focus to understand the motivations behind Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s alleged decision to place a bomb at the site of the Boston Marathon.

“After every terror attack each motive shall be discussed, but one,” Gutfeld said. “It is the terror that dares not speak its name. Well, actually it does speak. Our media just won’t hear it. Instead we explore the pain of the poor thugs. Which could be why some terrorists get movies made by Robert Redford, and others get tenure. So what do hacks do when they are wrong about terror? They cling to relativism.”

That relativism, Gutfeld explained, just doesn’t add up when you actually look at other types so-called extremism since Muslim extremism is more prevalent around the world.

“Yeah, Muslim extremism is no different than any other extremism. But in order to make that stick, you have got to suck at math. Muslim versus Christian extremism is not apples to apples. It is comparing Hurricane Katrina to a squirt gun, which is why they embrace root causes — the detached response to evil. Let’s simply focus on the personal turmoil of the bombers, not the real turmoil they caused.”

aired April 22, 2013
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