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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Retired Geek - What Are The TSA Agents Looking For? Part 1

The Barack Obama Administration Airport screening rules that imposes 'Full Body Pat Downs' and 'Full Body Imaging' has angered American Citizens enough that some States are proposing Legislation to outlaw these procedures. Those that refuse Full Body-Imaging are given Full Body Pat-Downs and vice versa. Babies as young as 8 Months old have been given groin checks and those as old as 92 have received groin and Breast checks as well

November 24, 2010|By Brian Bennett, Tribune Washington Bureau
"Full-body scans and aggressive pat-downs now under scrutiny are designed to seek out the explosive powder that was used in several failed terrorist bombings recently, officials say.

New airport security procedures that have stirred the emotions of air travelers — full-body scans and aggressive pat-downs — were largely designed to detect an explosive powder called PETN, which has been a staple of Al Qaeda bomb makers for nearly a decade.

It was PETN that was molded into the sole of Richard Reid's black high-top sneaker when he walked onto American Airlines Flight 63 bound for Miami in December 2001.

It was PETN that was sewn into the underwear of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, authorities say, when he boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 253 for Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

And it was PETN that suspected Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen packed inside computer printer cartridges that were shipped Oct. 28, 2010 intending to blow up planes en route to Chicago."
CNN - Body Scanners Don't Detect PETN Explosives

TSA - PETN 5 Part Series:

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