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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rick Perry - Know Your 2012 Candidates

Texas Governor Rick Perry is running for the Republican nomination for President.

Recently, Texas Governor Rick Perry, a GOP presidential candidate, spoke in Columbia at a SCGOP event.

August 19, 2011
Rick Perry on Principles and Values:
  1. Unelected judges shouldn't tell us when & where we can pray.
  2. Take back America: Stand up and lead.
  3. America is great; Washington is broken.
  4. Route to success is lower taxes & smaller government.
  5. Prohibiting school prayer is federal overreach.
  6. Supreme Court shouldn't choose how & where we may pray.
  7. Elected Democrat; switched to run statewide as Republican.
  8. Member, National Governors Association/Economic Development.
  9. Member of Republican Governors Association.
  10. Member of Southern Governors' Association.
  11. Member of the Western Governors' Association.
  12. Member of the Tea Party movement.
  13. Protect the unborn via sonogram requirement.
  14. The right to privacy is fictitious.
  15. Abortion only for rape, incest, or maternal health.
  16. Supports prohibiting human embryonic stem cell research.
  17. Opposes federal abortion funding.
  18. Require voters to present photo ID at polling places.
Rick Perry on Jobs:
  1. 70% of all jobs created in the U.S. 2009 were in Texas.
  2. More R&D & tax incentives for small farmers.
  3. Repeal the federal unemployment "temporary surtax".
  4. Create block grants for Agricultural Stewardship.
Link to Job Growth in Texas
Rick Perry on Economy:
  1. OpEd: Pursued freedom agenda more than fiscal agenda.
  2. Priorities: education; transportation; border; e-government.
  3. Bankruptcy reform: limit Chapter 7; protect states' role.
  4. Uphold commitments to states before other spending.
  5. Repeal any federal health care takeover.
  6. Total repeal and dismantling of ObamaCare.
  7. The future of America depends on repealing ObamaCare.
Rick Perry on Immigration:
  1. Secure the Mexican border against drug cartels.
  2. Illegal immigration cost TX $928M in one year.
  3. End the notion of sanctuary cities.
  4. $100 million investment in a more secure border.
  5. Share costs of legal immigration between states & federal.
  6. Federal government should deal with criminal repatriation.
  7. Import farm workers from Mexico.
Rick Perry on Gun Control:
  1. Individual right to keep and bear arms.
  2. Opposes restrictions on the right to bear arms.
Rick Perry on Homeland Security:
  1. Unsettled policy on Guantanamo signals weakness to enemies.
  2. Deal with terrorism as a joint federal-state responsibility.
  3. Include states in anti-terrorism planning.
Rick Perry on National Security:
  1. Always maintain a robust military capability.
  2. U.S. should be strongest nation by insurmountable magnitude.
  3. Invest in defense to prepare for unpredictable threats.
  4. Study terrorist threats against nuclear waste repositories.
  5. Iraq: combat terror on their turf, not ours.

NOTE: Each Candidates Information Will Be Updated, As I Find and Verify the Information Until Election Day.

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