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Ronald Reagan

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RG - Mitt Romney's Benghazi Debate Strategy

My Wife and I parked ourselves in the living room with bowls of popcorn and our Diet Cokes, to watch the final Presidential debate of 2012 (10/22/2012). I have spent a great amount of time and energy on our THP Website, exposing the incompetence, Malfeasance, obfuscations and just plain lies from Barack Obama and his Administration about our Benghazi, Libya Embassy destruction and the tragic deaths of our Ambassador and three others (Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods).

I was delighted when Moderator of the debate Bob Schieffer, opened with a question about the Benghazi tragedy. I was dismayed when Mitt Romney seemed to simply ignore the chance to bludgeon Barack Obama about Benghazi.

My dismay turned into anger towards Mitt Romney. I watched Barack Obama carefully and noticed he seemed a bit unsettled himself at Romney's avoidance of the Benghazi tragedy. At least two times during the debate, Barack Obama seemed to stick his chin out about Benghazi and taunted and dared Romney to take a swing.

Slowly but surely, it began to dawn on me that this was not avoidance on Romney's part, but rather a devised strategy. It was similar to a strategy I have used when debating Humanist/Atheists about God as Creator (I am a recovered Humanist/Atheist, with that heritage going back at least 5 generations). Knowing that the Humanist/Atheist will come loaded with details and arguments about Evolution and so on, I simply tell them up front, that I will give them that argument without debate - 'IF' they will debate with me the Origin of 'Space' (Space as the Housing of All that exists) - what did 'Space' Evolve from and how and when?

Major and even obscure Newspapers, Television Broadcast and Cable services and pundits of all varieties have questioned the seeming indifference of Barack Obama and his Administration about the lack of Security at Benghazi, Libya - especially since Congressional hearings has revealed that numerous requests were filed requesting more security.

The refusal to label the Benghazi Tragedy a pre-planned Islamic terrorist attack coinciding with 9-11 and instead blaming the attack as a spontaneous demonstration based on a obscure video on YouTube and then the continual 'Spin', obfuscations and lies to cover up the cover-up has left people in the United States and all over the World shaking their heads and questioning Barack Obama.

It was apparent that Barack Obama had spent most of his preparatory time for the debate, devising and developing excuses and most importantly - 'Plausible Denial' of his involvement in the Benghazi tragedy.

Mitt Romney never gave Barack Obama the chance that Obama desperately wanted and left Obama visibly shaken and stewing in his own juices.

Personally, I think the Romney strategy was masterful and placed Obama in attack mode and Obama showed the desperation in his demeanor and his Sophomoric words which left Barack Obama look like a Community Organizer, rather than a Head of State and Commander-In-Chief.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Mitt Romney was NOT in my top 5 choices for the GOP nomination, but the more I see him and the more I hear him I think he will be a formidable foe for Barack Obama and Liberal Progressives who want to destroy the American Economic System through Wealth Redistribution.

That is my opinion.


Breaking NEWS: White House told of militant claim two hours after Libya attack.
Click HERE to read REUTERS article.

RG (Retired Geek from VA) is a retired Computer Software Developer (Twenty Years) and developed Software for some of the largest Corporations in the World. RG has been a speaker at 5 International Computer Conventions. RG also worked as a Computer Forensic Expert assisting Law Enforcement. RG taught advanced Computer programming techniques in the United States and abroad.

RG is a founder and Webmaster of the THP Website (Town Hall Patriots), with 250,000 readers from 128 Countries since the Website was launched.

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