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Ronald Reagan

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alfonzo Rachel - Why Tarantino Should Not Be Using the "N" Word

During a December 12, 2012 edition of Martin Bashir's MSNBC talk show. The host and both of his guests attacked editor Matt Drudge as a “race baiter” and “race peddler” for using the 'N' word seven times as a headline for a story on the popular Drudge Report website about “Django Unchained,” liberal filmmaker Quentin Tarantino's latest movie.

Bashir began the discussion by claiming that “the far right has moved from a war on Christmas to a war on Jamie Foxx,” who in the film plays a slave in the 1850s who escapes and returns to kill his former masters. The characters use the “n word” throughout the movie, which led Drudge to use his unusual headline.

"If I live a thousand years, Matt Drudge will never become an arbiter for me of what is racially unacceptable in this country," said MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor, who claimed that the website journalist and other webmasters who draw news from his site “peddle this stuff on a daily basis, and they do it to line their own pockets.”

“And so, I just don't give that kind of credibility” to Drudge, Taylor said before claiming that he deliberately used the headline to cater “to the least of these folks who still harbor some of the worst prejudices and the most vicious and maligning stereotypes about people like me,” fellow guest Toure Neblett, and Bashir himself, as well as President Barack Obama.

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