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Ronald Reagan

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson - Responds to Rush Limbaugh Comments

On this morning’s Fox and Friends (3/20/2013), Dr. Ben Carson weighed in on his CPAC talk that’s continuing to make waves and headlines around the country. In particular, the doctor reacted to comments made yesterday by conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who claimed that the ripple effects of Carson’s speech are undoubtedly being felt within the Democratic party.

“I think Dr. Benjamin Carson probably got everybody in the Democratic party scared to death. It’s going to be really hard to demonize this guy … really, really hard, partially because of his race, but not just because he’s African American. It’s because you can call this guy all kinds of demonic names; he just doesn’t fit the bill,” Limbaugh said.

Carson said that he hopes the host is right.

“I try to lead the right kind of life, a life that is inspired by my love of God and love of my fellow man, and it is very hard to demonize someone under those circumstances.” However, he made a point to express his belief that both political parties are guilty of trying to “rule by fear” and deceit, adding that he would be happy to expose any politician engaging in such tactics.

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