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Ronald Reagan

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rand Paul - I'm Not Against Using Drones To Find Criminals

In Congress, a bipartisan bill that would require law enforcement officials to obtain warrants before deploying drones for surveillance in criminal cases has been introduced.

State legislatures from all over the country have been ratcheting up tensions surrounding UAVs.

Bills on domestic surveillance drones have already been introduced by many states including Maine, Virginia, Florida, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. (Florida, Virginia and Montana appear to be in the lead for turning bans into law.)

Charlottesville, Virginia, grabbed headlines passing its two-year moratorium on both police drone use in criminal investigations and on arming drones with less-lethal weapons.

More than two years in advance of the scheduled ban lift, 10 states have already passed, or introduced, bills restricting law enforcement’s use of drones. It looks like even more states will follow suit.

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