"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done."
Ronald Reagan

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Robin of Berkeley - Obama and the Meaning of Life

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When I was a young girl, I would often lie awake at night and ask myself what was the meaning of life. Why was I here? What was this strange existence all about? These questions usually triggered feelings of panic.

Of course, I had absolutely no idea what was the meaning of life -- and I had no one to ask. No matter how much I wracked my young brain for an answer, I hadn't a clue.

As I grew up, I found some soft spirituality, in the form of Buddhism and Sufism. I loved to read the Sufi poems -- I still do; I feel comforted by the poets' adoration of God. Buddhism also gave me a road to dealing with suffering, as well as some vague notions about what life was all about (as in, being awakened to the "truth," whatever that means).

But it's been only in the last couple of years of my life that I finally have a clearer idea of why we are here, and what this wondrous and brutal existence is all about. It took my whole world being tossed around like a pair of dice three years ago, and then thrown out there in a completely new configuration. Somehow, for reasons I'll never know, everything looks different.

And now I finally have some answers, because they are all contained in a book I'd never even seen before, called the Bible. Just like Dorothy in the Land of Oz and her ruby* slippers, the hidden jewel was there all along. I was just kept away from seeing it by a culture that detests and fears anything having to do with God.

I asked a friend the other day how often he ponders the meaning of life. He is a brainy Ph.D. who immerses himself each week in heady tomes. To my surprise, he answered, "Never."

Now, it is hard for me to fathom that people are alive on this earth and never ask themselves why. But I imagine that my friend's reaction is a common one, even around here, Berkeley, supposedly the enlightenment capital of the country.

It's no wonder people don't ask themselves the meaning of life. Without any answers, they'd feel as terrified as I did as a child. Instead, it's better for them to absorb themselves in Facebook, or sedate their brains with drugs.

Even though my life today is harder than it once was in all kinds of ways, I feel so grateful. I remember how sad it was to feel alone in the universe.

I see the doom and gloom around me in the vacant faces of all the lost souls. They have no idea what is going on -- not just with their idol, Obama, but with this whole strange existence.

A minority of them are starting to wake up politically, to realize that Obama is no savior of the oppressed. Instead, he's simply a puppet doing the bidding of people like Ayers, Soros, the SEIU, and God knows who else. Rather than transforming this country into a utopia, he's helping to make it a nightmare that no one can wake up out of.

Obama supporters are either starting to see the light or finding new people to blame: the Tea Parties, Perry, or Bachmann. Bizarrely, one random person I spoke to on the streets of Berkeley the other day blamed George Bush, which simply felt pathetic. I mean, exactly how long has Bush been out of the White House now?

Just to clarify things: it's Obama who's putting a sledgehammer to the economy; it's Obama who is aiding and abetting the uprisings in the Middle East; it's Obama who is sending out the signal that it's open season on Whitey. Not George and not Dick Cheney, but Obama, Obama, Obama.

But, of course, what's going on in the world transcends Barack and George and everyone else in the public limelight. What I've finally discovered, from that good book I avoided my whole life, is that our enemy is not of flesh and blood. And what I've also learned is that all this warring has been going on since before time itself, and it will continue until the very end, despite all the left's attempts to create a paradise on earth.

The faces change and the ideologies morph into this one and that one. But the war is the same one: It's the battle between good and evil, and I don't mean the Tea Parties and the left. It goes way beyond any human being or social movement.

We fight each other because we are pawns in a spiritual battle between good and evil. The most important decision of our lives is which side we are on. Will we choose God or evil? It's as simple as this.

If we choose God, this involves more apparent sacrifice, e.g. no more whoring around, tormenting conservatives, or, in general, being Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. But the rewards are so enormous that we, as humans, have not even an inkling of our great fortune.

Around where I live, most people have chosen to turn their backs on the only Force that will give them real hope, not the manufactured kind. Not coincidentally, I see mostly empty or frightened or angry faces around me.

And yet, the answer is so simple and accessible -- and it's been there all along, just waiting for them to open their eyes and look. They can do this at any time...just like the metaphorical Dorothy in the Land of Oz. They simply need to ask with all of their heart and all of their soul to go home again.

Robin of Berkeley

Robin is a recovering liberal, and a licensed psychotherapist who lives in Berkeley, California. The above information is intended for entertainment and educational purposes, rather than to offer any kind of definitive diagnoses.
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