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Ronald Reagan

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anne from PA - Texas Gov. Rick Perry

In his book, “Travels With Charley: In Search of America” John Steinbeck wrote, “Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word.”

In fact, Texas was a sovereign nation before it became the twenty-eighth state on Dec. 29, 1845. The sovereign country of Texas had diplomatic relations with, and embassies in London (which is now a restaurant but still flies the Lone Star flag) and in Washington, DC.

Unless you’ve lived in Texas for an extended period of time, or you know well some lifelong Texans, you probably don’t understand what Steinbeck was writing about.

Texas is, as are real Texans, unique. Texans value and fiercely defend their individual rights and their States ’ Rights.

For every American flag, that are ubiquitous, there are probably a thousand Lone Star flags waving. Most private mailboxes display the Lone Star flag, as do most homes, in one fashion or another.

And when traveling internationally, and when asked by customs or immigration where they’re from, it’s not uncommon for a Texan to answer, “Texas!”

Why is this important? Because if you don’t know this about Texas and Texans, you won’t understand Gov. Perry. It’s important to know because too often we hear people accuse Gov. Perry is a “big government” guy. He is NOT! In fact, one could argue that Gov. Perry values states’ rights and a small federal government more than any other governor in the country, and certainly more than any of the current Republican primary candidates. And without question, more than Obama.

Consequently, when it comes to the economy, and the continued Federal rules and regulations and intrusions into what are truly state issues, you have to know Gov. Perry is less than appreciative of their efforts.

Likewise, as president, Gov. Perry would be very sensitive and respectful of each and every state in the Union, and their rights, so as not to allow the federal government to intrude. In fact, if you actually listen to Gov. Perry’s speeches and interviews, you’ll hear him mention states’ rights vs federal government in any number of ways.

We know, as Gov. Perry and his campaign staff have already admitted, “debate” is not Perry’s strong point. Perry is not a flashy, slick speaker. What too many pundits have labeled as “having no fire in his belly” or “too hesitant” is rather Perry’s usual thoughtful and response.

Some were taken in by Obama’s “slick and flashy” speeches during the last campaign, and look what that got us! Do we want another “slick and flashy” talker, or do we want someone who responds thoughtfully and judiciously?

With Obama people were hearing more, and taken in by how Obama was talking rather than the actual words he was saying. We need to start listening to, and hearing more the words Gov. Perry is saying, and less to how he’s saying them.

If we’ve learned anything in the past two and a half years, it should be that we do NOT want a slick talker like Obama with no experience, and we DO want someone who speaks thoughtfully and chooses his words well, and has actual management experience.

And what could be better management experience than a governor of a state like Texas.

Think about this!

Governor Rick Perry:
  • Has been the Governor of Texas for ten years and has not installed income tax in his state (Perry will not raise taxes).
  • Is the true Conservative Millions of Texans voted for him for Governor three times.
  • Understands better than the other candidates how burdensome the Federal Government has become in this country.
  • Has created half of the jobs in America since Obama came into office and businesses are flocking to his state to do business.
  • Is a veteran Served his country.
  • Is for a strong Military.
  • Will not apologize to foreign governments.
  • Passed Tort Reform.
  • Is for less Government and States’ Rights.
  • Supported Arizona Immigration Law.
  • Spent $400 Million Texas State taxes into securing the 1800 mile Texas – Mexican border.
  • Has spent hundreds of millions of dollars defending the Texas Border with Mexico because the Federal Government would not).
  • Has the Texas Rangers on the border with Mexico.
  • Is Pro Life and has never wavered (unlike his Mass opponent).
  • Has defunded Planned Parenthood in Texas.
  • Is against Gun Control (unlike his Mass opponent).
  • Is against regulations from the Federal Government that stifle job growth.
  • Is pro energy exploration, he is for energy independence (Texas is an energy producing state like Alaska; he understands how to make it happen).
  • Will put a stake in the heart of ObamaCare as he promised (Mass Gov set up Romney Care, do we really know for sure that he will).
  • Has promised Social Security to all Seniors and those coming into it, but at the same time is willing to look at it being there for future generations).
  • Is a born again Christian.
Perry has often said, “Make the Federal Government INCONSEQUENTIAL in your private life”.

Anne from PA

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